About the Event

The International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing (ICRM) was conceived as an ongoing forum for creating new knowledge and circulating viewpoints which challenge established marketing theory and practices.

In September 2021 ICRM comes to Leicester, UK with a fantastic programme of events and activities.  We will be celebrating the work achieved in establishing a leading and international academic forum and in pushing the field forward by considering the roles of technologies in relationship marketing.

The conference will focus on the theme ‘Relationship Marketing and Technology: A Love Hate Relationship?’. The programme will include a two-day full Academic Colloquium on 15/16th September 2021, and a Business Day bridging the gap between Academia and Practice on 17th September 2021. The delegate fee for the Academic Colloquium includes registration for the Business Day.

Attendance will be limited to around 25 papers (up to 50 delegates), to ensure that we can continue the tradition of single-track presentations with in-depth dialogue and debate for all topics. Contributions are invited exploring the roles that technologies play in relationship marketing.  Best papers will be invited to submit to a conference special section of the Journal of Service Management.


David Ballantyne, the first convener, had the vision of a colloquium which went beyond the bounds of a small and friendly conference to one which would expand and sustain a community of researchers, allow sufficient time for dialogue among those researchers, and provide access to academic journals for publishing the colloquia papers.

Networks and dialogue remain essential elements of the colloquium. In line with its history as an ongoing forum for creating new knowledge and a venue for challenging existing marketing theory and practices, the 27th ICRM in Leicester in September 2021 aims to move relationship marketing forward and stimulate debate between academics and professionals. 

Past Events

A list of previous hosts of the Colloquium, from 1993 to 2018.

We have provided links to some of the previous events to allow you to get a flavour of the focus of the conference.  No conference took place in 2019 and the massive disruption caused COVID-19 to us all meant that our original plans for an ICRM in September 2020 were postponed to 2021.


  • 26th Annual Colloquium 2018 at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Wales, UK
  • 25th Annual Colloquium 2017 at Munich School of Management, LMU Munich, Germany
  • 24th Annual Colloquium 2016 at Center for Research in Management, Toulouse, France
  • 23rd Annual Colloquium 2015 at Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  • 22nd Annual Colloquium 2014 at Newcastle University, UK
  • 21st Annual Colloquium 2013 at ESC Rennes Business School, France
  • 20th Annual Colloquium 2012 at Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • 19th Annual Colloquium 2011 at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
  • 18th Annual Colloquium 2010 at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
  • 17th Annual Colloquium 2009 at Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • 16th Annual Colloquium 2008 at Swansea University, UK
  • 15th Annual Colloquium 2007 at University Torcuato di Tella, Argentina
  • 14th Annual Colloquium 2006 at University of Leipzig, Germany
  • 13th Annual Colloquium 2005 at Memorial University, St. Johns, Canada
  • 12th Annual Colloquium 2004 at University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • 11th Annual Colloquium 2003 at University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK
  • 10th Annual Colloquium 2002 at Kaiserslautern University, Germany
  • 9th Annual Colloquium 2001 at John Molson University, Montreal, Canada
  • 8th Annual Colloquium 2000 at Stockholm University, Sweden
  • 7th Annual Colloquium 1999 at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 6th Annual Colloquium 1998 at Auckland University, New Zealand
  • 5th Annual Colloquium 1997 at Cranfield University, England
  • 4th Annual Colloquium 1996 at Swedish Business School, Helsinki, Finland
  • 3rd Annual Colloquium 1995 at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2nd Annual Colloquium 1994 at Cranfield University, England
  • 1st Annual Colloquium 1993 at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia